ZZ Top Working On New Album, The Late Dusty Hill Will Be On It

Do you miss Dusty Hill? ZZ Top wants you to know that he’s not that far away. The classic long-bearded rock band has announced a new album, and they’re including work by their late bassist.

Elwood Francis, who was the band’s guitar tech for a longtime, has stepped into Hill’s shoes on bass while on tour. “We are currently reviewing the tracks that deserve completion,” revealed Billy Gibbons. “What’s fascinating is that we have three or four tracks with (both Hill and Francis), they’re trading off.”

Gibbons asked fans for patience, however, leading up to the new album’s release. ZZ Top expects to be busy, especially with their upcoming tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd approaching. But the rocker also wants fans to know that Hill wanted the band to live on after his death, and they’re working to make good on that request.

Source: Loudwire

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