Woman’s Friends Turn Her Dating Profile Into Times Square Billboard

Frustrated with her lack of success on the dating apps, Sha Tabb decided to delete them all. And that’s when the 42-year-old’s best friends decided to take matters into their own hands, creating a profile for her on Wingman.com to help her find a man. Sha, a traffic reporter and former NFL cheerleader and model who’s appeared in music videos like Cardi B’s “I Like It” and worked as a backup dancer for Pitbull, trusted her besties, having no idea what it would lead to.

Sha agreed to let her BFFs, Jacqui Duran and Sheri Ralliford, take charge of her dating life and manage her profile on the app. And that’s when Sha’s profile caught the eye of Tina Wilson, CEO of Wingman and she decided to give it some extra attention, turning it into a 48-foot billboard in Times Square in New York City. It went up last month and will stay up through June 19th, so plenty of people will be able to check Sha out.

Sheri and Jacqui are in charge of pre-screening all the potential suitors and they say the responses are pouring in, but they’re not rushing the process of sorting through the applicants. They’re taking their time, asking the men questions like “How tall are you?” – since Sha is five-ten and likes to wear heels – and “Are you marriage-minded?” And Sha is letting her BFFs be her wingwomen and matchmakers, while hoping it leads to love.

  • “I want my other half, I want my best friend,” she says. “I want somebody who has integrity, someone who wants to travel with me, who wants to have adventures with me and make decisions with me, be my cheerleader. I’ve cheered on so many other people, I need my cheerleader now.”

Source: People

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