Woman Is Overwhelmed With Messages From Men Offering Money To Touch Her Hair


What’s the longest your hair has ever been? Kateryna Demers most likely has you beaten with four feet, ten inches of hair that she says leads to a lot of what she calls “flirty” requests.

Demers, a Ukrainian living in Manchester, New Hampshire, says she was often mistaken for a boy when she was young because her hair was kept short. Her Instagram has almost 100k followers, and some of them want to give her money just to touch her hair.

A little weird, but not as weird as the German businessman Demers says offered her $25k to cut her hair off, and eventually offered her half a million dollars if she would let him shave it off and keep it.

  • She says that the offer was tempting, saying “that much money buys a lot of wigs and purses,” but she decided to turn him down. Others want to pay her to touch or brush her hair. She does trim the ends every few months, saying if she didn’t, “it would probably be on the floor by now.”



Source: Daily Mail

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