Woman Goes Viral For Detailed Tutorial On How To Secretly Poop At BF’s House

A woman on TikTok is going viral for sharing her solution to a dilemma most women have faced in a new relationship: How to discreetly poop at your new boyfriend’s house without him knowing. Siena Filippi posted a 47-second tutorial outlining her three tried and true strategies for secretly going number two.

“I’m gonna teach you how to s**t at a boy’s house,” Siena says in the video to start things off. “This is for like the beginning of the relationship. If you’re my man, keep scrolling.” She shares that she has a “couple of methods” that work depending on the situation.

  • First is what she calls the “body shower.” She says it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or what time of day it is, you just say, “You know what? I feel a little sweaty, like I want a refresh. I’m gonna body shower.” Then you crank up the shower and that provides both a sound cover and a time cover for you to do what you need to do.
  • The second method, the “hair dryer,” is similar, but instead of running water, the noise from the hair dryer covers any bathroom sounds. Siena suggests, “Just be like, ‘I need to fix my hair really quick. It’s getting really frizzy,’” and then head to the bathroom and run the hair dryer for as long as you need to.
  • Her final strategy is “the hammock,” which she says is for “all the speed machines out there.” For this one, you put a long piece of toilet paper vertically in the center of the toilet bowl, which she explains is to “just kind of give yourself a nice runway for minimal sound and splash back.”

While this is a subject no one really talks about, her video really hit home with people as it’s been viewed nearly 6-million times in two days. The comments section is filled with women thanking her for the advice and sharing their own tips, but some were confused about why they need to hide it, like one TikToker who writes, “Wait … we are supposed to keep it a secret?!”

Source: Daily Mail

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