Woman Finds Fishy Smell In Bedroom Sign Of Pending Electrical Fire

A young woman in Scotland has made a confession about her bedroom that could’ve saved her life. Claudia Anderson, 26, said on TikTok recently that “For a few weeks, me and my husband were walking into our bedroom and thinking, ‘Oh my God, it stinks of fish in our bedroom’” and she didn’t want to tell anyone because she was a “bit embarrassed” about the unusual problem.

However, when Anderson finally Googled the problem, she found out that the fishy scent could be the symptom of an electrical problem and after her father-in-law inspected her home, he found that a fuse box was the source of the problem. “There was a wire that had become disconnected, and I don’t know if you can see but it was actually melting the plastic on the inside of the socket,” she said. Anderson now urges everyone to call an electrician right away if they smell something fishy.

Source: The Sun

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