Woman Crashes Into Cars And A House After Letting “God Take The Wheel”


A woman in Beachwood, Ohio made a decision last Thursday; with her 11-year-old child in the car, she sped down the road at 120mph, ran a red light, and crashed into two cars, a utility pole, and a house. Traffic cameras captured her Ford Taurus as it took the front end off of the first car she hit; amazingly, there were no major injuries to anyone in the three cars or the house.

Here’s where it gets weird. The woman told the police that she did it on purpose. She told the officers she’d been “going through some trials and tribulations,” including being fired from her job recently, and decided to drive 120mph through a red light to “test her faith with God.” The woman also reportedly told the officers working the accident that she believed she had done the right thing.

Source: Jalopnik

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