UK Man Claims He Found Screw In KFC Order

He’s screwed… A man in the UK is going public with the dangerous surprise he claims he found in his KFC French fries. Callum Feehan, 25, says he picked up a fistful of fries and when he popped them in his mouth, he reportedly bit down on something metal. When the guy pulled out a screw, he says he was just thankful he didn’t break his tooth.

The IT worker says he hadn’t heard back from KFC’s “X” account when he initially complained and that it was only after he threatened to inform the Environmental Health Department that they asked where and when this happened. At this point, he hasn’t heard back from the chicken giant. So, how do we know the screw came from the restaurant? The hardware in the picture Feehan posted appears to have gone through the deep fryer with the rest of the food.

Source: Metro

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