Treasure Hunter Plunges 12 Stories Into Hole On Own Property

A man has died after falling down a 130-foot hole he dug through his kitchen floor after chasing treasure he hoped was buried beneath his property. João Pimenta, 71, in Minas Gerais, Brazil lost his balance Thursday and plunged down the seemingly never-ending hole he’d excavated.

Why did Pimenta dig the whole in the first place? Neighbors say it all started following a “prophetic dream” Pimenta had which led to him becoming obsessed with the idea that there was gold buried underneath his kitchen floor. He spent over a year digging the 12-story hole. Pimenta’s body was retrieved and taken in for an autopsy where medical examiners found he had suffered head injuries, broken legs, and other fractures and was pronounced dead.

Source: NY Post

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