TikTokers Are Pouring Beer On Their Skin To Help Tan Faster

A nice cold beer can be refreshing on a hot summer day, but not the way some TikTokers are doing it. Instead of drinking the beverage, some people are pouring it on their skin, claiming it’s the key to the “best tan ever.”

Videos of the “hack” show people “showering” their skin in beer while out in the sun, with one calling it a “cheap way to tan faster.” Different kinds of beer are used in different clips, with some sun-seekers using the brew along with sunscreen, while others skip the SPF. And beyond the practical problems with coating your skin in beer, like the fact that it will leave you sticky and smelling like a dive bar, it’s also dangerous to not use sun protection.

Jason Goldberg, director at SpaSeekers.com, reminds people that not using sunscreen leaves you vulnerable to “sunburn, heatstroke or even sun poisoning in severe cases.” And even worse, research shows that sunburn can raise the risk of skin cancer. So save the beer for drinking and keep slathering on that sunscreen when you’re outside, no matter what you hear on TikTok.

Source: Metro

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