Things You Can Learn From A Rebound Relationship

Conventional logic says getting into a new thing after leaving, or getting dropped from, a serious relationship is a bad move. That said, rebound relationships get bad press, but they can be filled with valuable lessons…assuming you’re not just closing yourself off emotionally and not paying attention. Here’s what some experts on the subject have to say about it.

  • Self-Awareness/Emotional Intelligence – A rebound gives you the chance to “develop mindfulness over your behaviors and habits” and allows you the chance to gain insight into your patterns by “reflecting on past relationships and comparing them to your current one”…which could allow you to do it better the next time a serious one comes along
  • Connection Worth – No one should be defined by their relationships, but a good rebound can boost your self-esteem and sense of attractiveness…especially if the old relationship is one you got burned in
  • Infatuation Vs Connection – In a rebound, it’s easy to confuse the two…and learning the difference is a powerful lesson
  • What Works – A rebound is the perfect situation to figure out values and dealbreakers, as well as learn different perspectives and dynamics
  • Communication Skills – Communication is key for everything, and a rebound allows you to try different things to figure out what you’re best at…and what needs to be kicked to the curb
  • Self-Care – Relationships are an easy place to get lazy and lose yourself…and a rebound is the perfect place to get your mojo back…so hit the gym, change your style, and get back to awesome
  • Boundaries – Many times relationships don’t work out because boundaries aren’t set and respected…you can use this time to learn what you’re willing to put up with, and what you won’t accept anymore…and mean it

Source: Ask Men

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