Report: Guns ‘N Roses To Drop New Single “Perhaps” Any Day Now

Fans of ‘80s metal icons Guns ‘N Roses have been eagerly awaiting new music from the band for a while. And now the rumor mill is buzzing with reports that new single “Perhaps” might be dropping earlier than expected.

Ahead of its planned August 11th release, eagle-eyed fans spotted a link to the song on the Universal Music website that appeared for a short time. A new release would be the Axl Rose-led band’s first since “Hard Skool” in early 2022.

The four-song EP also contained no new music, and while “Perhaps” was created in 2008 during “Chinese Democracy,” it was never officially released and only leaked online. Fans also caught GNS rehearsing the song before a show in Tel Aviv earlier this year.

Source: NME

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