Person Receives 4,000 Phone Calls Per Day On Squid Game Number

The hit Netflix show “Squid Game” is catching a lot of attention, along with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s also causing problems for someone that says she’s never even seen the show. The person identified only as “A” has the same phone number that’s shown on a business card in the first episode; in the show, it’s the number to call if you want to get involved in the games.

As you can imagine, that’s led to a lot of people calling her…a lot. By her estimate, she’s getting around 4,000 calls each day, 24 hours a day. She only found out why her phone was ringing non-stop after a prank caller told her the show had used her phone number since she hasn’t seen the show. Netflix originally said there was nothing they could do about the problem, but have allegedly reached out to try to reach a settlement with “A.”

Source: LadBible


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