Parrot Picks The Lock On Its Cage And Flies Over 30 Miles Away

“The parrot’s out!” That’s what Lorrett McCutcheon of Cumbernauld, Scotland heard her husband shout from upstairs, but they didn’t yet realize just how “out” the parrot Albert actually was. Albert apparently picked the lock on his cage and got loose, escaping from the home. The couple turned to Facebook to drum up a search party, which led to people “walking around and shouting his name into the trees trying to find him.”

Albert couldn’t hear them, because he was on an adventure. Four days later, someone reported that they’d seen Albert 30 miles away sitting on a car. The McCutcheons made the trip and picked up the bird, which was indeed theirs. “Someone told me that this was proof that miracles do happen,” she told the press.

Source: Fox News

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