Mattel ‘Work From Home’ Job Listing Says The Boss Can Make ‘Unplanned Visits’

With many employees choosing to work from home instead of going back to the office after lockdowns eased, a new job listing from Mattel has gotten a lot of attention, but for the wrong reasons. The listing is for a remote ‘work from home’ position, but states that anyone hired must supply their own internet, office supplies, and must be free from “all other responsibilities” like taking care of “children, elderly, pets, etc.”

Not too unreasonable, but it gets worse. The listing goes on to say that “there may be periodic unplanned visits from a supervisor during scheduled work shifts.” In other words, the boss can pop up at your house unannounced to see what you’re doing. The internet exploded over the requirement, and the company has since stated that the job “no longer” requires at-home visits.

Source: New York Post

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