Man Mistakenly Adds All 60 Girls He’s Talking To In A Group Chat


It’s not uncommon for singles to be talking to and flirting with several people at once, but ideally, they never know about each other. But one guy who had dozens of girls he was hitting up on a regular basis accidentally added them to the same group chat and naturally, things did not go well.

Isaac, the man in question, apparently meant to send his love interests a shirtless pic. Instead, he created a group chat with all 60 of the girls he’s been talking to at the same time. We found out about his faux pas when one of the girls, TikTok user @alainadevries, took screen recordings of the group chat and compiled them into a video, which has since gone viral with more than half a million views. Lots of the ladies involved found the situation funny, others said it gave them secondhand embarrassment, and some used the chat to call Isaac out as a flirt.

One girl named Dana reveals that he matched with her roommate, then matched with her and was talking to both of them. “Dodged a bullet I guess,” another girl named Riley says. “You guys are cooler anyway.” And when Isaac finally chimed in, he explained, “I am so sorry for my actions. I had a terrible idea to create a private story to post douchey Snapchats to … as you know, I created a group instead.” He adds that the experience has been humbling and says he’s sorry to those he hurt, adding, “I am learning from this mistake and will be re-evaluating my life.” He even promises to throw an Issac roast party soon and invite them all.

Source: In The Know

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