Man Makes Paper Friend Out Of Lunch Bags During Hotel Quarantine


A mandatory quarantine is not enjoyable for most, but one man in Australia decided to put his 14 days in solitude to what he thought was good use. After returning from his father’s funeral in London, art director David Marriott was inspired by the brown paper bags his meals were delivered in, and once inspiration hit, things moved quickly.

Thanks to a round paper bowl, he made himself a cowboy hat. No self-respecting cowboy would have just a hat, so he made vest and chaps to go with it. What else does a real brown paper cowboy need? A horse named Russell, created using an ironing board, a lamp, and more brown paper bags.

It may seem silly, but there’s a great ending to this story. “It made my mum laugh which has been the best,” Marriott said. “To see her laughing again has made it all worthwhile.” He hopes to leave the horse’s head in his bed when he’s released from quarantine for the cleaning staff to find.

Source: LadBible

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