Man Lies About Murder in Effort to Get Police to Plow Snow-Covered Road


After having the road to his home blocked by heavy snowfalls, a Ukrainian man came up with what has to be the dumbest idea ever to try and get his road cleared. He decided to call the police and confess to a fictitious murder, in hopes that they would clear the road in order to reach him.

Police say the guy called and said that he and his stepfather had gotten into an argument, and he had ended up stabbing the elderly man repeatedly in the chest with a knife. The victim had collapsed and was not breathing. The self-confessed attacker added that he was willing to turn himself in, if police could reach his home, suggesting they bring a snowplow.

A team was dispatched to the village and ironically because a snowplow had cleared the road earlier, they drove straight through in their patrol car. When the officers reached the house they expected a gruesome scene but found nothing more than a quiet village home. The caller’s stepfather was indeed there and perfectly fine. He now faces a fine for reporting a false complaint and wasting public servants’ time.

Source: The Guardian

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