*LIST* The “Safest” Answers To Your Girlfriend Asking If Her Friend Is Hot

Ever start a fight or upset your partner by not giving the answer they were hoping for when they asked you a question? It’s not a fun place to be, but it can be avoided if you don’t stick your foot in your mouth. A playful Reddit post may be able to help, at least in one very specific situation.

It asks, “What’s the ‘safest’ answer when your girlfriend asks you if her friend is hot?” Thousands have weighed in with their responses, many of them joking, and these are some of the top replies.

  • “Of course, that’s why we used to date.”
  • “Fake your death”
  • “She does look sweaty now that you mention it.”
  • “How dare you even task me to cast my gaze upon that malformed, twisted joke of God”
  • “Of course- why? – did she ask for a threesome?”
  • “eh hard to say, not my type but I guess she’s ok”
  • “‘I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening, I got a little distracted by your hot friend over there.’ And then we both laugh it off, because my girlfriend is cool like that. PSA: do not try this at home”
  • “She is pretty, but I never really thought about it.”
  • “I don’t know, let me feel her and find out. (blind guy here)”
  • “She was the one I originally wanted, after she wasn’t interested I moved on to you.”
  • “Not as hot as you.”
  • “I need to return some videotapes”
  • “Ask her and I’ll adjust the thermostat accordingly, my darling.”
  • Excitedly ‘Wait, does she think I’m hot?’”
  • “Say, ‘Of course! All hot girls have hot friends!’”
  • “Make a face that implies slight disgust, then say ‘sure’”
  • “The sky is very clear today.”
  • “Whaaaaaaat, Katherine is a woman? I haven’t even noticed. I thought all your friends were guys because I never really look at them that well, you know.”

Source: Reddit

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