Girlfriend Will Only Say Yes To Proposal If She Gets A Better Ring

While a ring does usually come with a proposal, what should be important is that someone loves you enough to ask you to marry them. But that’s apparently not the case in this situation and folks on the Internet are not having it. 

A women recently shared on Reddit that before proposing to her girlfriend she spent a lot of time trying to find a beautiful diamond ring in her budget, settling on a one-carat Asscher solitaire. But when she finally proposed, the girlfriend was not impressed, and said she’d only say yes if the OP got her a better ring.

“All of the ones she has shown me are bigger and more expensive than I can afford,” the OP writes. “She said she’ll accept my proposal if I give her a different ring and it can be a do-over because she said she was also a little disappointed I proposed at home and didn’t do anything special.” (The proposal included making the exact meal from their second date, and decorating their balcony with the girlfriend’s favorite candles.)

  • Well, folks on social media had some definite thoughts on the materialistic girlfriend, with many seeing her response as an indication of what their future will be like if they ever get hitched.
    • “If she’s that much of a control freak about a marriage proposal I’d hate to deal with her as a bride(zilla) and life partner. Just sayin,” one person commented, while another added, “First it’s the ring. Then it’s the cars. Then the house. Welcome to becoming a slave to materialism.”
    • Another suggested the OP not propose again. “F*** that. When she decides she wants to get married she can propose to you then,” the person shared. “Sounds ungrateful.”
    • And another noted, “I guess you’ll have to wait on proposing to her again until you can afford her…Tell her to f*** off!!! This isn’t love.”

Source: Newsweek

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