Gen Z Bringing Back Landline Phones Because They Think They Look Cool

The latest cool trend among Gen Z? Landline phones. Old tech has been a trend for a while among the group, with flip phones, digital cameras, and “vintage” iPods from 2007 all hot sellers. Now, they’re leading a resurgence in a technology that’s been on the way out for a while. According to the National Health Interview Survey, by the end of 2022 72.6-percent of adults lived in households without a landline.

The landline phone trend might not have the legs to save the service, though. Earlier this month, AT&T asked the California Public Utilities Commission to permanently get rid of landlines in the state, calling them a “historical curiosity that’s no longer necessary.” Sam Casper, an “elder Gen Z” at 27, has a landline phone which she says was her “mom’s husband’s grandma’s phone,” keeps her list of phone numbers written on a napkin, and says she has a “tape – what’s it called? A voice box thing…a voicemail machine.”

Source: NY Post

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