DJ Plays “Last Christmas,” Ruining “Whamaggedon” Game For Thousands Of Players

A DJ in the UK has issued a major apology after playing Wham’s 1986 holiday hit “Last Christmas” at a recent soccer match. What’s the big deal? Apparently, many people like to play a game called “Whamaggedon” where you try to avoid the song for as long as possible until Christmas Eve.

However, after spinning the song at a recent game, 7,215 people at the Sixfields Stadium got eliminated. Why would this horrible monster do such a thing? Matt Facer, also known as DJ Matty, gave a simple explanation, stating, “I gave it a spin, thinking it would be quite funny to wipe out 7,000 people who couldn’t avoid it, but clearly it isn’t funny.” However, the holiday bad boy has now seen the error of his ways, taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) to say, “So I officially apologize to everybody whose Christmas I’ve ruined.”

Source: Daily Mail

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