Couple Who Chained Themselves Together On Valentine’s Day Have Chain Cut And Immediately Split Up

Have you ever seen a couple that was inseparable? Alexander “Sasha” Kudlay and Viktoria “Vika” Pustovitova spent 123 days chained to each other to set a Ukrainian record and immediately ended their relationship. Before the locks were snapped shut on Valentine’s Day, the two had been planning to marry, but as soon as the chain was cut the couple backed away from each other and are living in different regions of the country “effective immediately.”

Vika had to take Sasha with her to the lady’s room, and she had to give up her job so that he could keep his. Sasha said, “She doesn’t respond well to my suggestions to keep doing what she likes to do alongside me.” The couple says they need to “reboot,” but the impression they gave is that they’re sick of each other at this point.

Can you blame them? They hoped to make a lot of money with the stunt, but it’s not clear how much money they’ve made if any. Ukrainian records chief Vitaly Zorin supervised the cutting of the chain and presented official certificates to the couple, saying “Since this is Vika’s first free evening, I’m going to introduce myself to her.” Good luck, Vitaly…she may just want some “alone time” for the first time in over four months.

Source: Daily Mail


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