Canada Has A Billion-Gram Surplus Of Weed


The discussion continues in America about the legalization of recreational marijuana, but of all the negatives opponents to the idea bring up, “it won’t sell” isn’t usually mentioned. The marijuana industry was already making billion-dollar companies before marijuana was legalized in Canada in October of 2018, but the supply is now a lot bigger than the demand.

Last October, there were about 1.1 billion grams of harvested or processed cannabis in storage, and 95 percent of it is still there. It’s “assumed to be largely unsaleable” according to MJBiZDaily’s Matt Lamers, either because it’s spoiled or because there’s too much available already. Canadians spent $2.6 billion on legal cannabis last year, far short of the $6.5 billion that was projected.

Source: The Walrus

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