Bride Blasted For Reaction To Maid Of Honor Dropping Out Of Wedding After Husband’s Heart Attack

We get that no bride wants to deal with major drama on their wedding day, especially from their bridal party, but this bride is being called out for her heartless behavior after her Maid of Honor had to drop out of the wedding for a very good reason.

The Maid of Honor shared what happened in a post on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” forum, explaining that two days before her friend’s wedding her husband had a heart attack, and was scheduled for surgery at the time of the wedding. Things were so bad doctors warned her she “could lose him at any time.”

But apparently the bride didn’t care about the seriousness of the situation, because when the MOH told her about what was happening she responded by saying, “Just make sure it doesn’t intervene with the wedding that’s all,” adding, “It’s sad we can’t have Ben there (my husband) but we’ll have you and you can eat and drink for both of you haha.”

When the MOH told her she wouldn’t be there because she wanted to be by her husband’s side the bride claimed to understand but insisted she had a “duty” to fulfill and couldn’t drop out of the wedding. When the OP tried to contact her the day of the wedding the bride didn’t take her call, and all texts went unanswered. Other bridesmaids told her she let down the bride and “shouldn’t expect to hear from her soon.”

  • The OP insists the bride is “usually a sweetheart,” although she certainly didn’t show it here, and now the poster is wondering if she was in the wrong. As you can imagine, most people don’t thinks she is.
    • “I’m sorry to have to say this, but your “best friend” is a horrible human being,” one person commented. “I am completely outraged on your behalf about how self-centred and entitled she is.”
    • “Pretty clear to me that the bride is the AH,” another added. “She is incredibly self-centered. I would stop trying to contact her. You don’t need a friend like that because she is not really a friend.”
    • Finally, another pointed out, “I wonder if the friend’s new husband knows that his bride would leave him alone when he’s critically ill so she can go party.”

Source: The Mail

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