Boy Eats, Passes Four-Inch Pencil Without Medical Problem

In a bizarre medical case, a 7-year-old boy from Nepal miraculously passed a four-inch pencil he had accidentally swallowed without any painful side effects or interventions needed. Doctors at Kathmandu Medical College were stunned to find the writing utensil lodged in the child’s stomach through X-ray scans, yet he appeared “active and playful” throughout the ordeal.

After being told to consume only fluids and a banana, the pencil remarkably came out as “a single long piece” by the next day, with no traces found in follow-up scan. Deeming it potentially the first such case, docs admit it’s rare for long, sharp items like pencils or toothbrushes to exit naturally due to the body’s narrow passages. The young patient was discharged requiring no further treatment, leaving doctors marveling at the human body’s capabilities.

Source: Daily Mail 

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