Barber-Turned-Paster Tattoos Entire Face To Look Like Clown

A barber to the stars whose signature look is a fully tattooed clown face, has announced he’s now studying to become a pastor. Richie Esposito, 37, also known as “Richie the Barber” in Southern California, has a permanent bright red clown nose, blue cheeks and confetti dots bedazzling his face. He’s even dyed his hair bright red, had silicone implanted under his eyebrows, split his tongue like a snake, and tattooed around his mouth to give him a “perma-smile”.

Cutting the hair of celebs like Bruno Mars, Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, and “Jackass” star Steve-O, Richie says, “When I cut hair, I perform as a clown,” which involves throwing confetti and performing magic tricks. Now, Richie is also a motivational speaker and is embarking on a spiritual journey to become a pastor. He hopes to touch as many lives as possible, though he admits that his toughest critics are kids since they often get scared of him.

Source: Daily Mail



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