Apple Pays Out Big Bucks For Techs Swiping Naughty Pics Student’s iPhone


A horrible story of an invasion of privacy saw an unnamed woman in California get paid what’s being referred to as “millions of dollars” by Apple. The 21-year-old student took her iPhone to a California repair center in 2016 that was being operated by Apple contractor Pegatron. The two techs in charge of repairing the phone posted “ten photos of her in various stages of undress and a sex video” to Facebook without her knowledge or consent, making it look like she had posted them herself.

Horrible, right? It got worse for the woman because she didn’t know what they had done until her friends told her about the pictures and video that had been posted; when she found out, she deleted them, but it was too late to keep people from seeing the private images and video.

Whatever she got in the settlement it probably wasn’t enough. No one knows exactly how much Apple paid the woman, but her attorneys had been asking for $5 million for “severe emotional distress,” and the settlement has been described as “in the millions.” The employees were fired after Apple discovered what they had done, as you would expect, but the damage was already done.

Source: Daily Mail

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