Another Sicilian Town Is Selling Homes For $1


It’s another chance of a lifetime for anyone looking to buy a new home, as long as they’re willing to move. The town of Castiglione di Sicilia, on the eastern coast of Sicily, has about 900 abandoned homes selling for just over a dollar. Of course, you’ll get what you would expect for a dollar, as the homes listed at that price are described as “in ruin.”Still a great deal, right? It depends on how much it costs to fix them since you have to make the necessary renovations within three years. This program is part of a growing trend in the area, with this being the third town in Sicily to make this type of offer.

Why are these towns doing this? Because they’re losing population; Castiglione di Sicilia once had a population of 14 thousand, but only has around three thousand now. Even though they’re in ruin, the homes have history, with Mayor Antonino Camarda saying there are many “dating back to the Renaissance.”

Source: Fox News

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