Woman Actively Seeks Relationships With Men Who Have Comitted Murder

In Nancy Grace’s new special, “Marrying a Murderer,” several women are profiled for choosing to be with men who have committed murder. Teresa X. Roberts opens up about marrying not just one murderer but two.

Roberts vocalizes three core reasons that led her to marry a murderer. “Number one, I wanted somebody far away so I wouldn’t be tempted to visit,” she recalls. “Number two, I wanted somebody serving a long time, so he wouldn’t get out and basically break my heart or hurt me.” “And number three, I wanted somebody that was somewhat average looking– not super good looking, not hideous. And so I found him, like, on that website. And I was like, ‘OK, perfect” Roberts concludes.

Roberts also confesses about her experience in her memoir, titled “Why I Married A Murderer: And How I Survived the Divorce.”

Source: Nancy Grace Investigation, “Marrying A Murderer.”

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