Singer Hospitalized After Holding In Her Farts Too Long in Front of Boyfriend

Brazilian singer Pocah was recently hospitalized after experiencing severe stomach pains. It seems her stomach problems were being caused by “trapped farts.” Apparently, Pocah was so embarrassed to offer up an air biscuit in front of her boyfriend that she clenched up.

After being treated at the hospital, Pocah went public with her problems, explaining to her 15.7-million Instagram followers that she just had “an accumulation of trapped farts.”

All’s well that ends well. Pocah no longer has severe pain in her abdomen. She was able to share a series of videos of herself in the hospital, reassuring her fans that she’s now “fine” following the ordeal. Pocah also announced to the whole world, “From now on, I’m letting them rip, guys.”

Source: Newshub

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