How To Stop Boob Sweat This Summer

Nothing ruins that scarf top you’ve been waiting to wear for months quicker than boob sweat. But it’s hot out there and for many women that means a patch of pesky perspiration forming under the boobs. These tips can help you deal with the under boob sweat so you can enjoy your hot girl summer.

  • Choose the right bra – Steer clear of bras made with polyester and rayon, which aren’t very breathable. Go for fabrics like lightweight cotton or mesh to keep your girls nice and dry.
  • Ditch the padding – That boost it gives your chest is also giving you an extra layer, which traps more heat in your bra.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes – Your bodycon dresses and one-shoulder tanks are great for showing off your figure, but when it comes to letting your skin breathe? Not so much.
  • Use anti-chafing powders – Look for one with cornstarch as a main ingredient, which lasts longer and keeps you drier than baby powder.
  • Try Moroccan Argan oil – It’s known for the wonders it does for your hair, but its antioxidant properties can help keep boob sweat and irritation at bay.
  • Consider bra liners – Splurge on a high quality liner that fits inside the base of your bra to absorb sweat and keep your skin from chafing.
  • Or use pantyliners – No bra liner? No problem. Use a pair of pantyliners instead. They’re made to absorb liquid, so they’ll soak up the sweat and prevent stains on your clothes. Just make sure you don’t have a hot date later or things could get awkward.
  • Swipe an aluminum-free antiperspirant – The same stuff that keeps your pits dry can do the same for your under boobs. Use an aluminum-free or paraben-free one to avoid potentially harmful ingredients.

Source: PureWow

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