Grub Hub Releases Their “Food Trends” For The Year

Grub Hub’s annual Taste of 2021 list has been released. With it, we get a year-long look at what foods American’s are having delivered, who tips the best, and who spends the most. After they combed through the orders, here’s what they learned.

  • The Impossible Burger saw the largest increase in orders from last year with a 442% boost.
  • The side with the biggest increase was chips and Pico de Gallo, which saw a 205% increase.
  • The biggest increase in dessert deliveries was for the strawberry shortcake sundae, with an increase of 378%.
  • The largest single food item ordered at one time was for 200 bacon cheeseburgers.
  • For breakfast, the most popular order was the sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich
  • For lunch, tacos were the biggest hit.
  • At dinner time, burrito bowls got the job done.
  • Most Generous State (by percentage) – New Mexico tipped the best
  • Most Weekend Orders (by percentage) – Hawaii
  • Most Alcohol Orders (by percentage) – Washington, DC
  • Most Orders – New York
  • Biggest Spenders (on average) – Alaska
  • Most Late-Night Orders (by percentage) – Rhode Island

Source: Grub Hub

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