Food Network Debuting Cannabis Cooking Show


Marijuana is getting more mainstream all the time. After the Vice channel’s “Bong Appétit” came and went (it’s been on hold for a minute now), a more ‘traditional’ venue is stepping into the game: Food Network. And they’re also putting it in a familiar zone for Food Network fans: “Chopped 420.”

So yes, it’s a twist on the original “Chopped,” but in this version, contestants will be competing for a $10,000 grand prize after creating a full course meal of appetizer, main course and dessert that all include cannabis as an ingredient. Cannabis activist Laganja Estranja and comedian Tacarra Williams will be joined by host comedian Ron Funches and chef judges Sam Talbot, Luke Reyes and Esther Choi.

Cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, but it’s totally legal in 15 of them (with New York ready to flip anytime now) and 36 states have made medical marijuana legal. In case you didn’t get the “420” reference, it’s named for the “high holiday.” And perhaps ironically, the new program begins streaming on discovery+ on that date – April 20th.

Source: Fox News

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