Elephant ‘Expelled’ From Herd Kills 16 Villagers


A rogue elephant is on a murderous rampage in India, having killed 16 people in the last two months. The elephant, named “Laden” by officials after Osama bin Laden, is trying to make its way back to its herd. Experts say he was most likely expelled from the herd for bad behavior. The latest victims of Laden were an elderly couple that ventured out before dawn; the elephant lifted the couple with its trunk and battered them to death.

That’s terrifying. Wildlife officials say the elephant is only killing people that accidentally get in its way, get too close, or those that try to provoke it to take pictures. Laden has managed to outwit a team of 20 officials that are tracking the animal using unpredictability and speed. You never think of elephants as being fast, but the animals can run at up to 20 m.p.h.

Source: Daily Mail

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