24-Year-Old College Dropout Earns $1.3 Million A Month Selling Bitcoin Computers

Not everyone’s path to success goes through college. John Paul ‘JP’ Baric bought $1,400 worth of Bitcoin in 2012, then set up a bitcoin mining rig in his parent’s basement. He was enrolled at North Carolina State University at 17, but he started making and selling bitcoin mining computers and when the business started picking up he dropped out.

In the basement, Baric’s company did over $2 million in revenue, so he rented an abandoned property in Iowa and set to work building his new company. Baric is now making $1.3 million a month selling bitcoin computers, not bitcoin. “You don’t need a degree to be successful,” he said, adding “you simply need the determination to work on the same thing for two years.”

Source: CNBC

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