Women Over 40 Spend A Quarter Of The Day Thinking About Sex

Sex is an important part of most women’s lives, and while some may think sex drive decreases as you get older, a new survey suggests that’s not necessarily the case.

A new poll of women ages 40 to 60 by Scarlet Society finds:

  • Women are spending 24% of their day thinking about sex.
  • Sadly though, only 27% of women say they are truly satisfied with their sex life.
  • Some of the top reasons they are unsatisfied include:
    • Being too tired (57%)
    • Lack of interest in sex (31%)
    • Vaginal dryness (28%)
  • So, what are the best ways to improve your sex life after 40?
  • Well, 60% of women say the best way for that to happen is to accept the natural changes in your body.
  • 58% say it’s important to let your needs be known.
  • 54% say it’s being confident.
  • Expressing what you want is important, with 55% of women saying they have no problem discussing their sexual needs with their partner, and only 26% keeping things to themselves.
  • And that certainly seems to be working for some…
  • 36% of women in their 40s say they’re having the best sex of their lives right now.
  • Although 47% of women in their 50s say they had their most satisfying sex in their 30s.
  • ONE MORE THING! As for where women in their 40s to 60s are most sexually satisfied, the survey finds it’s in the Southeast where 29% of women in that age group are sexually satisfied. That’s followed by women in the:
    • Southwest (22%)
    • Midwest (19%)
    • Northeast (19%)
    • West (18%)

Source: Business Insider

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