Woman’s Implants Weigh “As Much As A Newborn”…And She Wants To Go Bigger

Talk about needing to get something of your chest…A woman in Illinois has undergone three surgeries to reach her goal of having a size 38GG bust – and she says she can’t wait to have the biggest breasts in the world. Zeni Zounds, 38, first received breast implants in 2021 after transitioning with the help of gender-affirming surgery. These days, Zounds is rocking 7.17 pounds on her chest…which is as much as a newborn baby.

So, what are her long-term goals? Even though she admits that normal activities are tough with a giant chest, Zounds says, “I jokingly describe myself as a professional big boob haver, but I’m also totally serious about it,” adding, “Essentially my dream in life has always been to be able to make a living off of entertaining people and being myself.”

Source: NY Post

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