Woman With Severe Food Allergies Lives On Baby Formula

A Massachusetts woman is grappling with a rare chronic illness that renders her allergic to nearly all foods, making even the simplest meal a potential danger. Describing her ordeal, Caroline Cray shared, “I am at the point where my diet is only EleCare and oatmeal.” (In case you’re wondering, EleCare is a hypoallergenic infant formula.)

Diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), Cray faces severe allergic reactions triggered by everyday foods like bread and rice. “Every day I was wondering if I was going to end up in the hospital,” recalls Cray. Though she admits it’s a drag to go to restaurants and must bring her own Tupperware, Cray often lightens the mood by joking, “When I go on nights out, I am always the designated driver,” adding, “I can fill people in on what has happened the night before.”

Source: NY Post

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