Woman Who Raised Chimp As Human On Coffee And Gin Says She Regrets It

Back in the day, psychologist Jane Temerlin and her husband, Maurice, picked up a two-day-old female chimpanzee from the roadside park in Florida where it was born and took it home. That started a six-year “experiment” where the chimp they named Lucy was raised just like a human.

The story is being told in the new documentary, “Lucy The Human Chimp,” where we learn that after a night’s sleep on her king-size mattress, Lucy dressed herself, drank coffee, ate her meals with silverware, and would even fix herself a gin and tonic, squeezing the limes with her teeth. Sounds like a pretty great life – and it was – but the story doesn’t have a happy ending.

In 1985, Jane took Lucy to Gambia. She lived with one of her students, Janis Carter, who helped her learn to forage and fit in with the wild chimps that live there. After 18 months, Lucy was left with the chimps to live her life. It was short – as Lucy’s remains were found only a year later. Temerlin has now created the documentary as a cautionary tale. It’s set to debut next Thursday on HBO Max.

Source: LadBible


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