Woman Walks Out Of Surprise Party After Cruel Prank By Friends

While most people love it when friends and family throw them a surprise party, one woman walked out on hers, and when you hear why, you won’t blame her.

A 20-year-old woman went on Reddit to recount her disastrous birthday and get support from folks on social media. She says that when she woke up on her birthday, absolutely no one “acknowledged” her special day at all.

“I walked downstairs to my kitchen and my mom was reading her newspaper, ignoring me completely. She even had some demands about cooking and cleaning so my day already started a little off,” she writes. “My dad and brother both ignored me as well. Normally my dad wishes me at least a ‘happy birthday’ but today he just said nothing.” She got the same treatment at work, noting her friends “literally said nothing,” adding, “I just felt so miserable and ignored.”

Feeling crappy about the whole day she headed home with a small birthday cake for herself, and when she got there she was greeted by all of her friends and family, who were throwing her a surprise party. Turns out ignoring her was part an intentional part of the plans for the party and she was not at all happy.

“They told me how they had been all excited to surprise me but I just couldn’t help myself but feel upset,” she shares. “They ignored me throughout the whole day and now they want me to be all happy and chatty.” She was so angry she walked out and instead went to McDonald’s.

  • The OP says her phone was soon blowing up with messages about how wrong she was to leave the bash, but folks on social media agree that she had every right to be angry.
    • “That’s not a surprise party… it’s a prank,” one person noted. “And a mean one.”
    • Another added, “It’s like they thought they had to be awful all day so she’d be extra surprised… You don’t have to make someone sad before you can make them happy.”
    • And one person commented, “Throwing a party does not make up for completely destroying somebody’s self-worth in a day.” 

Source: Newsweek

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