Woman Wakes Up To Mouse Eating Her Eyeball


This story will give you the willies. Australia is currently dealing with a plague of tens of millions of mice that are swarming everywhere. In one of the latest stories to come out of the country, a farmer’s wife was hospitalized after she awoke to a mouse eating her eyeball while she slept. Others have reported mice running across their face while they sleep, and another woman was woken up by a mouse “chewing on her wedding ring finger.”Wow. It’s not just the damage to people that’s a problem; the mice are into everything. Xavier Martin, the vice president of the New South Wales Farmers’ Association, told a television station that if he walked outside and stood still “they’ll climb on the outside of my trousers and the inside of my trousers.” A prison was forced to evacuate inmates and staff last month because the infestation of mice was so bad.

Source: New York Post

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