Woman Thanks Man For Not Staring At Her At Gym

A woman noticed a man at the gym who wasn’t watching her as she did squats, so she thanked him and kicked off a debate on social media in the process. It all started when TikToker @libbychristensen filmed herself squatting on an exercise machine and noticed the man behind her while she was working out wasn’t paying any attention to her. She posted the video, which shows him looking at the floor before laying back on the weight machine he was using, captioning it “thank you for your service kind sir.”

In the text of the video, Libby writes, “I just need to shout out this man who was behind me while I was hack squatting because I was so uncomfy that I was being stared down.” She adds that she’s “very thankful that my booty was not his focus.” And you’d think her simple thanks to the guy who wasn’t being a gym creep would have been the end of it, but her video has racked up 6-million views on TikTok and lots of commenters have opinions on the subject. Some share that they also try to be respectful to others at the gym and see people trying to do the same:

  • “When I’m in this position at the gym I have to move in fear of the woman thinking I’m a creep,” one viewer writes. “The uncomfortable feeling goes both ways sometimes.”
  • “I think there’s more guys doing everything they can to make sure it’s very clear they’re not staring at women in the gym,” another adds.

But others call Libby’s actions into question:

  • “Maybe just focus on your mind muscle connection instead of what everyone else is doing and you might make gainz,” one writes.
  • “What about making others feel uncomfortable because you just have to record what you’re doing there,” posts another. “What if he doesn’t want to be on someone’s video?”

And in a follow-up video, Libby responds to a comment that suggested she “wear something not so revealing” to workout and viewers explain they get stares, regardless of what they wear to the gym:

  • “I literally wear baggy sweatpants and baggy t-shirts to the gym & guys still stare,” one writes.
  • “I swear, the people commenting “just wear sweatpants” have never stepped foot in a weight room,” adds another.

Source: Newsbreak

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