Woman Sends Herself Drinks To Make Dates Think She Has “Options

When it comes to dating, Sofia Franklyn wants her guy to know she has “options.” That’s why she went onto her TikTok feed to share with all the other ladies out there her way to keep her guy honest. She says she excuses herself to go to the bathroom, but while she’s away she’ll get the bartender to send her over a drink and say that it’s from an “anonymous admirer.”

While it seems like a good way to get a competitive guy to stay alert and on his game to make sure he’s keeping her happy, it does bring up a question. If a girl actually has that many “options,” why’s she the one buying her own drink to prove it? Still, as far as comments, the ladies were loving it, calling it a “queen move,” saying “that’s really smart,” and pointing how it could “work in soooo many situations.”

A minority of people wondered it this wasn’t “toxic” and she could not be “embarrassed” doing this. Finally, the true judges of the behavior, the bartenders, chimed in, saying they’re “more than happy” to help out when women want to do things like this, and they “as long as they’re tipping…they don’t really give a (damn).”

Source: LAD Bible

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