Woman Quits Job, Becomes Full-Time Pet Psychic Charging $550/HR

A Pennsylvania woman has quit her job as a lawyer to become a full-time animal psychic, claiming she charges $550 per 90-minute session and has a waitlist of more than 7,600 people. Nikki Vasconez, 34, says she can have a “direct conversation” with the pet by “receiving images or thoughts in her mind,” and she claims she can solve illnesses missed by vets.

What’s more, Vasconez says anyone can learn to do what she does. “Look at a picture of an animal and just close your eyes and see what thoughts come to you,” the psychic says, noting that you need to “set an intention” with the animal. Vasconez adds that “images will pop into your mind or phrases will be implanted into your brain that you weren’t thinking of two seconds prior or maybe you feel an ache or pain in your body that wasn’t there a minute ago and that’s because the animal has pain there.” The animal whisperer encourages people to practice as the “validation” will eventually boost your confidence.

Source: Daily Mail

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