Woman Has Dead Hamster Stuffed To Look Like Pole Dancer

Though they say there’s no one right way to act when a beloved member of your family dies, one woman in the UK is challenging that theory. Jess Porter-Langson, 27, was so crushed when her “emotional support” hamster, named Hammington, passed last August that she decided she wanted to do “something special” for him.

That’s when the bereaved pet owner got the bright idea to have him stuffed, attached to a mini pole, and have him dressed in a pink thong with dollar bills pouring out. Why did she do it? Jess confesses, “I don’t even know where the stripping hamster thing came from but I thought, what is more iconic than a hamster on a stripper pole hustling for money?” As for Hammington’s final resting place, Jess keeps him on a table next to her bed.

Source: Metro

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