Woman Gets Funny Apology Cookies From Gal Who Slept With Her Husband


Finding out your partner has been cheating can be devastating, and many women may blame the person sleeping with their S.O., but that’s not the case in this scenario, and how things played out has now gone viral.

A woman named Elizabeth Lindsay from Scotland recently shared photos of the gift she received from the woman who had been sleeping with her husband, and she was not at all unhappy about it. Elizabeth explained on TikTok that her husband had actually lied to both women, and the gal had no idea that he was married when they were together. After he was caught, the two women developed a friendship, and recently the other woman sent her a box of cookies with some funny messages.

“It’s the anniversary of me leaving my husband,” she explained, “so the lady – who was having an affair with him didn’t know his real name and was being quite badly abused by him – gave me a present.”  Among the cookies was one that read “Sorry for sha**ing your husband,” while another read “sisters before vertically challenged misters,” and one was of a phone with the message “you’re so shady.”

The post has garnered tons of support from folks on TikTok who were impressed by the gals’ friendship.

  • “This is awesome! Sorry, you both got hurt by some scrub,” one noted, while another added, “I can only imagine the person she ordered this from being so confused and amused.”
  • Finally, another shared, “You become friends in the most unexpected ways sometimes.”

Source: The Mirror

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