Woman Gets Bit In The Rear By A Bear While Using An Alaskan Outhouse


In Alaska, Shannon Stevens was staying in a yurt on Chilkat Lake for the weekend with her brother Erik and his girlfriend. After the three made sausages for dinner over an open fire, Shannon went to use the outhouse, took her seat, and then suddenly felt something bite her on the butt. It was something big. Erik rushed to investigate, lifted the toilet seat’s lid, and saw a gigantic bear face looking right back up at him.

The two ran back to the yurt and cleaned Shannon Stevens’ wound, which she described as a “single puncture.” She said she ultimately wasn’t sure if her injury was a bite or a claw mark. The three spent the night at the yurt and found tracks the next morning near the outhouse.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Biologist Carl Koch investigated the incident. After looking at photos of tracks and taking into account other reports of bear activity in the area, he said he believes the culprit was a black bear.

Source: ADN.com

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