Woman Finds Secret Door In Her Beauty Shop …After Dreaming About It


Some dreams seem so real that you’re convinced they’re trying to tell you something, and the mother of a girl on TikTok had that feeling after dreaming about a secret door behind a wall in her beauty shop, “full of bodies.”It bothered her enough that she decided to tear through the wall to see for herself, and her daughter videoed it for her TikTok channel. The woman was completely shocked to find that there was a door hidden behind the wall that she never knew existed.

Now that’s creepy, and if the door was there, what about the bodies in her dream? She had to find out. After having trouble getting past the door, she finally broke through it to find…a blank wall. Despite not being “full of bodies,” the video has been viewed over 1.6-million times so far, and probably caused more than a few people to pay attention to the walls around them. Check out the vid series for yourself HERE.

Source: TikTok/@hippieloumom

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