Woman Fights Off Coyote With A Stick After Being Stalked For 10 Minutes


Marcy Sterlis made trips to walk on Race Point Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts last year and came back this year with a stick. She says she saw the footprints of coyotes everywhere last year, and this year one snuck up on her while she was putting her shoes on. Sterlis says the animal spent around 10 minutes circling and coming within five feet of her while she waved the stick and shouted for help.Two nearby fishermen saw what was going on and filmed part of the encounter, then banged an oar against the side of their boat and scared the coyote away. Before the fishermen ran it off, Sterlis’s boyfriend called her and she asked him to look up what to do about a coyote, but he told her he was on his way to work and couldn’t.

Source: Daily Mail

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