Woman Discovers Son’s Bride Is Her Daughter On Their Wedding Day


There’s a lot to unpack in the story, so buckle in. A recent wedding in China found one woman gaining a daughter – as in, her bio daughter. A woman attending her son’s wedding noticed that a birthmark on the bride’s hand that looked a lot like the birthmark her biological daughter was born with.

While how she lost track of her daughter isn’t exactly clear, it seems that the young bride was adopted as a baby by the couple that found her along a roadside. Now what about the wedding? As everyone cheered the find – the next question was a little more thorny, as there were potentially two siblings in love with each other…but nope!

As it happens, the bride’s bio-mom had adopted her now-son. So now, the bride and groom AREN’T related…everyone’s happy – the couple is married…and the bride’s biological mother is her mother-in-law, too.

Source: Times Now News

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